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Erica Cohen and Delfina Guemes reflect on their participation in Eventi’s annual Santa Paws event on Dec. 11, 2011.

My visit to NYC’s Eventi hotel was a little bit different this past Sunday. Typically I wait in the lobby for a journalist and hotel representative to escort a tour of the property. However, on this crisp Sunday afternoon in December, I was waiting for the hotel’s furry friends from in and around the Chelsea neighborhood to play with Santa and Mrs. Claus.  Eventi’s second annual Santa Paws was finally here! In all shapes and sizes, from miniature poodles, to Chihuahuas and pit bulls galore, our four-legged friends and their owners entered the revolving doors on Sixth Avenue between 29th and 30th streets to be greeted by the hotel’s cheerful doormen in the living room-inspired lobby.

Like small children, shy at first, the animals smelt and checked out their surroundings before warming up to each other and Santa. When they were ready, they put on their festive attire and hopped on Santa’s lap to pose with the man of the season and his wife for a priceless picture for their owners. These days, our pets are a part of our families. In the past, fun activities that were just meant for kids are now available for pets too! Pets even get their own hotels, go to doggy spas and have special menus as well! Can you believe it? I agree, it’s important to include our pets in human life events… Now taking pictures with Santa adds to the list of activities for both kids and pets. I wonder what will happen next? Designated pet seats on an airplane?

What do you think?

Author: Erica Cohen, Sr. Account Executive @ M. Silver Associates

Eventi hotel’s Santa Paws event on Sunday was such a great way to kick-off the holiday spirit. The lobby’s festive décor was complete with poinsettias and colorfully trimmed orange Christmas trees, which gave a nice touch to the hotel’s already established artsy look. Shortly after Erica and I finished setting up the scene for the Santa Paws event, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus made their way into the lobby with big smiles, ready to take on a day with our furry four-legged friends.

Much to my excitement, dogs of all different sizes and breeds kept coming in to the lobby with their owners for a chance to take pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus. I am a big animal lover, so I fell instantly in love with each and every one of the little guys. My favorite moment was watching the owners dress up their pets in adorable outfits. I really enjoyed getting to know New York’s pet-lover community because everyone who participated in this event had such great energy.

Personally, I think that it’s great that we are including our pets in more aspects of our lives, but you might not feel the same way. In fact, I know quite a few New Yorkers (I live in NYC) that are not comfortable with having pets in restaurants, playgrounds, stores and the like.

Would you take your pet to an event like Santa Paws and dress him/her in a cute holiday outfit? Do you take your pets on vacations with you?

By the way, if you do travel with your pet(s), the Eventi is a pet-friendly hotel as well as all of the other Kimpton hotels.

All in all we had a wonderful time and we definitely plan on hosting this event again next year.

Happy Holidays!

Author: Delfina Guemes, Account Coordinator @ M. Silver Associates

Here’s what we were happy to capture at the Santa Paws event for your viewing:

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And if you have any questions for Erica and/or Delfina, ask away. You can do that on our Twitter, just use the hashtag #Ask_MSA.


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