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This blog is created by M. Silver Associates to show what's going on INSIDE the PR company that's ranked among the leading mid-sized public relations firms in the USA, and share everything that touches the everyday life of our staffers and the lives of our beloved clients. Everyone from the CEO to the receptionist contributes to this blog.

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We have arrived on

And the first thing we did is to compile two “Best of” lists for the places we know very well – New York City and Greater Fort Lauderdale.

Those lists are easy to find on our Foursquare page, they are called: The Best of New York City and The Best of Greater Fort Lauderdale. It’s a mix of all the “best” that we find in the cities we live in and take a note of to share with our friends and family: from spas, hair salons and hotels to restaurants, lounges, dance clubs and shopping sites! Cocktails we like, quick bites we take, fashion boutiques we visit – in those two lists we’re revealing our secret spots for fun and pleasure in the cities we enjoy, when we are not at work.

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New Year’s Eve is a time for reflecting back over the past year, and to plan and make resolutions for the coming year. The tradition of making a New Year’s resolution(s) has been around for ages.   According to Forbes, 44 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, and we at the M. Silver Associates are sharing our goals and dreams for 2012.

In addition to our New Year resolutions, we are also making a list of places we’d like to visit in the next year, because we do love to travel.

This year we’d like to share our resolutions with our readers, and we’d be happy to know yours.

What are MSA staffers’ New Year’s resolutions? Here they are:

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The holidays are just around the corner. Four days left until many of us at M. Silver Associates will reunite with family and friends,  be it in our home towns of New York and Fort Lauderdale or in other parts of the country – and even the world.

This is one of the busiest travel times for most Americans.  Many made their plans awhile ago – others are still thinking about last-minute getaways.   Our diverse client portfolio and years of providing public relations services to hotels, resorts, destinations and tourism bureaus, cruises, airlines, travel coalitions and travel assistance organizations mean that we are plugged in an on top of the latest travel trends.   That’s also why we are always on Twitter and Facebook answering questions from the media, bloggers, travel trade and even consumers.  (Use hashtag #Ask_MSA on Twitter if you’ve got a question for us!)

But most importantly, we love sharing experiences that have touched us as we revel in holiday traditions. We never get tired of spectacular decorations, the smell of Christmas trees and holiday music.  To celebrate the season, we have assembled a “few of our favorite” sights.

We’d like to share these with you and we hope that you will also share your photos and thoughts on the holidays.

Happy Holidays and Very Best Wishes for a Joyful New Year!

The Staff of M. Silver Associates – New York and Florida

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